Photo by John Becker

Photo by John Becker

Elizabeth Wadium currently resides in Madison, WI and travels nationally to provide creative people and businesses with unique visuals that capture and promote their vision or brand. A composer as well as a visual artist, her focus revolves around developing harmony between cinema and other artistic disciplines. Her work also explores how a human presence emotionally characterizes a natural environment.




director, cinematographer (currently in submission)

StandardVision Award for Artistic Merit

2019 Migrations Dance Film Programme

2019 Wildwood Film Festival

2019 Green Bay Film Festival

2018 Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival

2018 Flatlands Dance Film Festival

2018 Portland Dance Film Fest

2018 Cascadia Dance & Cinema Festival

2018 Wisconsin Film Festival

2018 Tiny Dance Film Fest


Interview with StandardVision


I dreamt i was a butterfly

director, cinematographer, composer (currently in submission)

2019 Oklahoma Dance Film Festival

2019 FAD Festival: Film-Art-Dance on Tour


Selva Obscura

director, cinematographer, composer

2017 Female Eye Film Festival Official Selection

2017 Milwaukee Short Film Festival


prairie burns

director, cinematographer

2017 MDOCS Student Documentary Festival at Skidmore Official Selection

2016 Pinney Library Mini Film Fest and guest lecture

2015 Wisconsin Film Festival Official Selection